Mountains of history

Located in a strategic place, Tivissa was a great center of power in ancient times and an important medieval enclave, for this reason we find one of the largest and most important Iberian settlements in Catalonia

Tivissa is a small town of 1,600 inhabitants located at the foot of the mountains that separate Terres de l’Ebre with Camp de Tarragona and Priorat. The old Iberian capital was an important strategic enclave that guarded a natural shortcut between the Ebro River and the sea. This ancient route, known as the Cami de la Batalla, is the current C-44 that passes through Vandellòs and finally through L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, which were part of Tivissa until 1818.

What to visit

Tivissa has a very marked medieval spirit thanks to its network of narrow and winding streets surrounded by a fortified enclosure. The walls, from the 14th century, are completely integrated into the thick facades of the outer houses. From the walls you can still see the Portal de Avall and the Portal de l’Era. Other notable elements of the historic center are the Cases Pairals. Ca Ventura, Ca l’Eloi and Cal Rei are genuine architectural expressions from the 15th century and, in the case of Ca l’Hostal, from the late 16th century Renaissance.

The importance of Tivissa in medieval times is made more evident by the presence of the Knights Templar, who remodeled and fortified the Castellet de Banyoles. A few kilometers west of the historic center, the Castle stands on the monumental remains of the ancient Iberian settlement, guarding the Ebro River. The Iberian settlement stands out for being one of the largest in Catalonia and for preserving defensive constructions such as the Pentagonal Towers, even entire neighborhoods that have shed much light on the daily life of these ancestors. In the center of the Vila, in the Espai Ilercarvònia, we will find pieces of art and everyday use that will show us about this pre-Roman past.

Tivissa is also known for being the origin of the first Long Distance Route (GR) in the Iberian Peninsula. It is an ideal place for lovers of hiking, mountain biking and climbing. Especially recommendable are the routes to the Hermitage of Sant Blai, the aforementioned first GR, or that of Villena and los Fogasos, more physically demanding and which passes through caves with cave paintings.

Tivissa Experiencies

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Mapilife recommends the following restaurants:

  • Restaurant del Camping de Tivissa Located on a refreshing terrace of the camping, the restaurant stands out for its range of tapas and dishes. It is a very popular place in the area, known above all for the artisan pizzas available for dinner. Open every day from June to September. Book at 696 996 682.
  • Restaurant Missamaroi Located at the top of the town, the Missamaroi offers artisan pizzas and a wide range of tapas. It also has a very complete menu for 13 and 22 euros during the week and at the weekend, respectively. Closed on Mondays and during the summer, when they move to the camping.  Booking at 696 996 682.



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