Tarragona Cathedral

The most visited monument in the city

 Considered the first Cathedral in Catalonia, the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Tarragona is located in the highest part of the city

More than two thousand years ago Tarragona was known as the roman city of Tarraco. During this time, the place where the Cathedral stands was occupied by the Roman armies.  Fast forward to 1171 and the construction of the Cathedral had begun. Later in 1331, it was consecrated by the Archbishop of Tarragona and Patriarch of Alexandria.

Today it is the most visited monument in the city and one of the great tourist attractions of the Costa Daurada

It is best known for its grandeur and solid architecture as well as for being the first cathedral in Catalonia. You can see the stylistic evolution as you walk through the site from the naves, the buttresses and the chapels. 

Tarragona cathedral 

The Cathedral of Tarragona is located at the highest point in the city.  From its bell tower, there are fantastic panoramic views of the Costa Daurada. It is one of the most iconic places in Tarragona, the most visited monument in the city and one of the main cathedrals in Europe.

The construction of the Cathedral started back in 1171 on a site previously occupied by a Visigothic cathedral and temple dedicated to the Roman empire. The Cathedral was consecrated on 4th July 1331. Later it was also declared a Monument of National Interest in 1905.

Discover all the Cathedral of Tarragona has to offer with its virtual map:  here 

diocesan museum of Tarragona

Located inside the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum is the museum of the Archbishop of Tarragona. This space hosts a large number of works of art from different styles and periods such as Roman pieces, Muslim art, religious gold, Gothic altarpieces, sculptures and spectacular tapestries. The ticket to visit the Cathedral includes a visit to the museum.



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