Shopping Reus: Discover the best stores in town

Where to shop in Reus, the commercial capital of the Costa Daurada

Gent comprant al carrer Monterols de Reus.

Reus downtown, which encompasses Tomb de Ravals, Llovera, and Monterols streets, is the most important open-air shopping area in South Catalonia. A unique shopping experience that invites you to shop while strolling

The commercial power of Reus dates back centuries with the trade in brandy and the famous phrase ‘Reus, Paris, and London.’ Today, the commercial tradition remains robust thanks to the multitude of shops and commercial associations that fill the city center with life.

The main shopping artery consists of Llovera and Monterols streets, as well as the pedestrian squares and streets in the historic core that make up Tomb de Ravals. Additionally, the modern El Pallol shopping center is integrated into the local offering, enhancing the shopping experience.

At Mapilife, we recommend reference stores in each sector. We prioritize stores with a long history, unique businesses, and proven quality. In short, stores that you can only find here. Shopping in Reus is a unique experience, which is why it is the commercial capital of the Costa Daurada.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most iconic stores featured in the Mapilife Reus guide:

Reus Shops

Amill Llenceria

Amill Llenceria, botiga històrica de Reus.

Renowned store on Monterols Street. Amill offers personalized service and a wide range of quality clothing and top brands. Their main products include women’s underwear, swimwear, evening sets, and female fashion accessories.

El Barato

Aparador de la botiga El Barato de Reus.

Located right in front of Plaça de la Prioral and the Reus’ Bell Tower, El Barato specializes in fabrics, clothing, festive accessories, t-shirts, and costumes. Additionally, they also offer local souvenirs and items related to the city’s festive processions, such as the Gegants of Reus, flags, and typical products.

Casa Pujol

Casa Pujol, botiga de roba formal masculina al centre de Reus

Founded in 1873, Casa Pujol is a commercial institution in the center of Reus. It is a store specializing in elegant men’s fashion, featuring a selection of top brands in the industry and high-quality clothing. They offer personalized service, tailoring, and made-to-measure suits by appointment.


Botiga Cloe de Reus

Located on the bustling Llovera shopping street, Cloe is a prominent fashion store on the Costa Daurada. It features brands like Hugo Boss, Guess, Mimi Mua, Calvin Klein, and Valentino. They offer seasonal collections with the latest trends and products such as polo shirts, jackets, t-shirts, handbags, and footwear with a modern and contemporary style.


Decathlon Reus aeria, mapilife.

Decathlon Reus is the go-to store for sports enthusiasts. They offer sports equipment and casual fashion with Decathlon’s seal of quality and affordability. Personalized service and equipment rental and repair services are some of the strong points of their store, located in the Technoparc area in the south of Reus.

Discos Qui'k

Logo de la botiga Discos Qui'k a Reus.

Located near the central Plaça del Prim is the go-to music store in Reus. Discos Qui’k offers music, movies, and merchandise from the most iconic artists, bands, and films in the world of entertainment. You’ll find CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, t-shirts, bags, mugs, bracelets, and souvenirs from Reus.


Logo Flamingos

Flamingos Vintage is the ultimate destination for second-hand fashion in Reus and the only store on the Costa Dorada specializing in the sale of unique vintage pieces from the United States. They offer garments with a history and the style of the 70s and 80s, as well as classic pieces from top brands and casual vintage clothing.

Floristeria Hugo

Floristeria Hugo de Reus

Shop with a wide variety of bouquets, floral arrangements, and decorations, as well as outdoor trees and plants, in addition to fertilizers and other treatments. They are located in the Pastoreta area and offer gardening services and home deliveries via WhatsApp

Galatea Llibres

Galatea Llibres Reus

Opened in 1987, Galatea Llibres has become the go-to bookstore and a cultural institution in the city of Reus, participating in initiatives to promote culture. It is a bookstore designed for selecting and exploring the latest publications and current bestsellers, offering books in different languages and a wide variety of genres and categories.


Gestimàtica Reus, botiga oficial de Apple a Reus.

Gestiomàtica is the official Apple store in Reus, offering the latest products from the Apple universe: mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, headphones, and accessories. All with the quality assurance of an official distributor. Additionally, the store provides professional services for device installation, maintenance, and repairs.


Irevic, botiga de pedres, minerals i cristalls.

Irevic, the store of madness or genius. This is how this space specialized in stones, minerals, and crystals for all occasions and individuals defines itself. A store where you can find incense, Himalayan salt, Tibetan singing bowls, or candles, among other items. A space to balance energies and nurture the soul.


Judjoies de Reus

Art, feelings, and emotions come together in unique jewelry pieces at JUDjoies. You’ll discover handmade jewelry such as bracelets, rings, pendants, keychains, and wedding bands. With a minimalist and geometric character, they combine noble metals like gold and silver with precious gemstones. These unique jewels become pieces of art with personalized styles and shapes.

La Creu Blanca

La Creu Blanca de Reus

With two locations in Reus, La Creu Blanca is one of the leading opticians in the city. They specialize in visual health since 1914, focusing on eye function, children’s vision, and myopia control and prevention. They also offer a wide range of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses from top brands, as well as custom and made-to-order designs.


Botiga Marsal de Reus.

An historic establishment since 1930 in the center of Reus, La Cristalleria Marsal offers home products such as cutlery, tableware, glassware, jewelry, gifts, high-quality kitchen utensils, and decoration items. Additionally, they have a diverse selection of souvenirs and children’s books from Reus.


Botiga Natura de Reus

Natura is a prominent brand in the center of Reus, where you’ll find clothing, accessories, books, decor, and all kinds of gifts. A space with the scent of incense, ethnic clothing, and a wide range of items with sustainable values, promoting responsible production and shopping for the planet.


Botiga Numon, bosses amb història u regals sostenibles.

In 2012, Numon arrives in Reus, a brand of vegan, sustainable bags, and accessories produced in the same store, which also serves as a workshop. Numon aims to repurpose unused fabrics to create bags, toiletry bags, backpacks, wallets, and other items. With their own prints and artisanal production. A place with unique gifts that have a story and they are made in Reus.


Botiga de samarreteres Pawan... de Reus

Located in the heart of the city, you’ll find Pawan, the manga and clothing store in the center of Reus. They offer a wide variety of music-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as figures and items from different manga and comic characters. 


Qualycann CBD store de Reus.

Qualycann is the store for hemp-derived products (CBD) to enhance personal well-being. In the center of Reus, you’ll find a wide variety of natural and organic products, including oils, creams, flowers, and extracts, along with personalized attention. Their products are 100% legal and hemp-derived, bearing the quality seal and safety of this European brand.


Botiga Re-Read, llibres low cost a Reus.

Re-Read is Reus’ low-cost bookstore. They offer second-hand books in perfect condition at very affordable prices. You can also sell books you no longer need. It’s a franchise with establishments throughout Europe with the aim of giving a second life to books and promoting reading.


Botiga de joguines i jocs Somnis de reus, situada al Pallol.

The toy store in the El Pallol shopping center. They offer toys for all ages, from 0 to 14 years, including board games, arts and crafts, scooters, sports items, action figures, and costumes. They have a wide variety of products and references from leading brands in the sector.

Teula Pelleteria

Pelleteria Teula Reus

The main leather shop in the city, backed by over 40 years of experience as leather craftsmen. Teula Pelleteria is the ideal store to purchase leather jackets, bison, astrakhan, as well as quality handbags, stoles, and accessories. They offer alterations, custom leather items, and tailoring services.

Tips for Shopping in Reus

In this article, we have highlighted the most representative shops in each sector, located in the Tomb de Ravals, which is how the city center is popularly known and is the area featured on the Mapilife Reus guide & map. However, Reus’ commercial offering goes far beyond this, thanks to over a thousand shops and services that open their doors every day. For those visiting Reus with a passion for shopping, here are some practical tips:

  • Keep in mind that many local shops close for lunch and take a break from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. This is a good time to take a break and enjoy the local cuisine.
  • Don’t miss out on Reus’ markets and fairs. On one hand, there are municipal markets for products and food, such as the Central Market and Carrilet Market, where you’ll feel the warmth of local shoppers. On the other hand, there are occasional markets like the traditional antique market held every Saturday morning on Passeig Prim or during the Christmas holidays, the craft market in the plaza at El Pallol Shopping Center.
  • If you are visitors from outside of Catalonia, you can take advantage of the VAT refund service offered by the Gaudí Centre Office. This can represent significant savings on your purchases.
  • As a final piece of advice, stay tuned to the various initiatives promoted by local businesses throughout the year, such as street markets, weeks with discounted products, or events and activities organized by the city’s commercial associations: El Tomb de Reus and Unió de Botiguers.

The local commerce in the city is synonymous with quality, locally-sourced products, and personalized service. Strolling through the lively streets is a unique experience that makes Reus the major shopping capital of the Costa Daurada.




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