9 experiences around Miravet Castle

Activities to do in Miravet and all over the Ribera d’Ebre

Discover all the Miravet and the Ribera d’Ebre region has to offer with Mapilife. Choose from activities that combine nature, history and landscapes to enjoy with your partner, family and friends. Not forgetting seasonal plans like visiting the cherry blossom and year-long activities such as hiking trails, adventure sports, cultural attractions or the most popular restaurants.

Miravet Experiences

Guia Mapilife a Miravet (Terres de l'Ebre)
Les millors experiències de Miravet, a la guia Mapilife.

1. Miravet Castle

Vistes del Castell de Miravet (Ribera d'Ebre)
Les millors experiències de Miravet | Mapilife

Experience the historical grandeur of Terres de l’Ebre with a visit to Miravet Castle, a must-see attraction located on top of a strategic hill. This castle, considered one of the finest examples of military Romanesque architecture in the Western world, was a crucial stronghold for the Catalan Templars. Originally built by Islamic rulers, it was later conquered by Ramon Berenguer IV in 1153 and still retains much of its original 12th-century structure.

Visitors can explore the castle every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with admission priced between 3 and 5 euros. We highly recommend taking a guided tour to fully appreciate the historical significance and fascinating details of this ancient fortress. Even without a guide, visitors can still marvel at the castle’s thousand-year-old rooms and breathtaking panoramic views of the region. Don’t miss the chance to experience the splendour of Miravet Castle during your visit to Terres de l’Ebre.

2. Blossom fields

La floració a la Ribera d'Ebre
The burst of flowering in the Ribera d'Ebre | Mapilife

During spring, the surroundings of Miravet become a spectacle of flowers and colors, with almond and peach trees in full bloom creating unique landscapes with spectacular fields of pink and white. This floral landscape attracts visitors and curious people from all over the world. Whether arriving through the Priorat mountains or climbing up from Vandellòs, upon reaching Móra d’Ebre and into the Ribera d’Ebre region you will find blossom fields as far as the eye can see. Ideal for a pitstop and photo opportunity. 

3. Cultural routes

Vistes des del Castell de Miravet
Vistes des del Castell de Miravet | Mapilife

To fully experience the historic core of Miravet and its Templar Castle, it’s essential to book a guided tour with an official guide. Vicens Ayan from Tarvitur is a highly recommended guide, with over a decade of experience leading cultural and historical tours throughout Terres de l’Ebre. While the cultural visit to the castle is the most iconic, Vicens also offers cultural tours throughout the region, such as visits to the Iberian site of Tivissa or the scenes of the Battle of the Ebre. And when the time is right, from February to March, themed visits are available to witness the explosion of flowering in the area, a spectacle of colors and scents that’s not to be missed.

4. Kayaking on the Ebre River

Caiac al riu Ebre amb Miravet de fons | En Blau
Caiac al riu Ebre amb Miravet de fons | En Blau

The most authentic way to reach Miravet is through its main route: the Ebre River. The most spectacular views of the town and its castle can be enjoyed while kayaking down the river, a fun and eco-friendly activity for all ages.

EnBlau, the experience creators, offer three kayak routes in the area. For the more advanced, there’s the kayak route from Móra d’Ebre to Miravet, which lasts between 2 and 3 hours of peaceful paddling with stops to enjoy the landscape and take a dip in the river. Another route is from Benissanet to Miravet (1 hour and 30 minutes), ideal for families and children. Lastly, there’s the Kayak & Memory activity, a unique combination of history, nature, and kayaking that tells the story of the Battle of the Ebre during the Spanish Civil War, culminating in Miravet. Follow EnBlau on social media to stay up to date with all the latest activities of the season.

5. The best local food

Below we present a selection of the best restaurants in Ribera d’Ebre where you can enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine of the area:


Molí de Xim (Miravet)

Discover the best traditional restaurants in Ribera d’Ebre, such as Molí de Xim. This restaurant in Miravet offers homemade dishes with locally-sourced ingredients and a focus on flavour and grilling. With seasonal menus and various local specialities including a special menu for the calçotada season. Enjoy the dining room, gastronomic terrace, and outdoor terrace, as well as convenient parking for customers in the urban area.

Restaurant Molí de Xim a Miravet |
Molí de Xim Restaurant in Miravet | 635 111 025

Hostal Gastronòmic La Creu (Móra d'Ebre)

Discover the Gastronomic space in Móra d’Ebre: Hostal La Creu, a modern restaurant offering creative market cuisine with quality local products and wines. This award-winning Gastronomic Hostel is known for its family management, comfortable accommodation, and commitment to the region.

Hostal Gastronòmic La Creu a Móra d'Ebre
Hostal La Creu | 977 400 707

Sant Jordi (Rasquera)

For a satisfying meal before exploring Miravet and the surrounding area, the family-owned Sant Jordi Restaurant is a must-visit. Located on the C-12 road that connects Móra d’Ebre and Rasquera, they are known for their grilled meat breakfasts, rice dishes, and homemade tapas.

6. The 'Pas de la Barca' and the 'Embarcador'

L'embarcador de Miravet | Mapilife
L'embarcador de Miravet | Mapilife

To capture the most emblematic snapshot of the Templar Castle, you must go to the village’s pier to find the most famous view of Miravet. Around Arenal square, you can also find a large green area by the river and popular local bars.  In addition, the unmissable Pas de la Barca is at the end of the street along the river. A ferry made up of two barges, it connects the two sides of the Ebro river and is the last example of this traditional way of moving about in southern Catalonia. 

7. Excursions and hiking

Senderisme a Miravet | Mapilife
Senderisme a Miravet | Mapilife

Miravet is an excellent starting point for mountain excursions, with circular routes that can be started from the historic centre or from the car park of the castle, all of which are perfectly signposted. There is a wide range of routes for all ages and levels, which allow you to see the imposing castle from different perspectives, the winding Ebre river, or the footprint of the war in the territory.

Three routes stand out: the 3.5 km Trinxeres de la Covalta itinerary, with an elevation gain of 160 m and a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes; the 8.2 km Batalla de l’Ebre route, with anelevation gain of 350 m and a duration of 3 hours and 15 minutes; or the 19 km Cameta Coixa mountain race itinerary, with an elevation gain of 1300 m and a duration of 6 hours.

In addition, there are also other long-distance routes that pass through Miravet, such as the GR99 or the Via Verda de la Vall de Zafán, an old railway line that connected Aragón with the Ebre and has now become a natural path for hiking and cycling with the family, an activity that is organized by Montsport based in Horta de Sant Joan.

8. Segway in Benifallet

Beniemocions també fa rutes amb segway a Tortosa.
Beniemocions també fa rutes amb segway a Tortosa.

If we cross the Ebro River by car through the legendary ferry crossing of Miravet and go downstream on the C-12, after 12 km we will find the neighbouring town of Benifallet. This municipality is home to one of the largest adventure parks in the Terres de l’Ebre: Beniemocions. One of the most popular activities they offer is group Segway tours to discover the historical centre and the natural surroundings of the town in a dynamic and fun way.

This adventure park organises a wide range of activities and sports for young and old alike. In the heart of nature, it has various circuits of lianas, zip lines, Tibetan bridges, and wooden paths of different levels, as well as games for children and recreational proposals for adults, such as the longest zip line in Catalonia, measuring 350 meters. It also has a picnic area to spend a day of adventures with family, friends and pets.

9. Miravetan ceramics

La ceràmica miravetana | Ribera d'Ebre Turisme
La ceràmica miravetana | Ribera d'Ebre Turisme

Miravet is a town in Catalonia renowned for its traditional pottery, with six active workshops keeping the craft alive. The potters of Miravet gained international recognition for their pots, jars, and jugs of all sizes, ideal for storing food and water. Ribera d’Ebre’s ceramics draw from a rich history of Iberian and Roman influences, as well as the Muslim legacy, reflected in the shapes and colours of the pottery. Miravet’s pottery remains in high demand, with traditional and modern pieces available for purchase from the town’s workshops. The red clay and glazed pottery with hues of brown, ochre, and green are particularly popular, making it the perfect souvenir.

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