7 restaurants to experience an authentic calçotada

The best calçot restaurants in the Tarragona area

If you have ever spent the winter and early spring in Catalonia, then you must have heard about the Catalan tradition, the calçotada. Would you like to experience one for yourself and taste delicious calçots, the traditional way? Here we will recommend 7 restaurants in the Tarragona area that will offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.  

But, what’s a calçot and what’s a calçotada? A cross between a spring onion and a leek, calçots are sweet and delicious. During a calçotada celebration, they are barbecued, their outer layers are peeled and then they are dipped in rich calçot sauce made from peppers, tomatoes, garlic and nuts. The Calçot Festival in Valls is the official start of the calçotada season, a top day out if you want to learn more about the tradition.

However, the calçot is only just the beginning. A calçotada is a time to enjoy a range of grilled meats and traditional sides all accompanied by the best wine and classic desserts. Has this whet your appetite? Are you intrigued to try it for yourself?

Discover our top 7 calçotada restaurants around Costa Daurada area below

Calçotades Catalunya Sud


Calçotades in Valls

The world capital of the calçot

La Licorera Vallenca

Located in a beautifully renovated historic building, La Licorera in Valls offers a contemporary gourmet calçotada unique to the calçot capital. It’s a restaurant which specialises in seasonal, sustainable cuisine with modern touches. Moreover, it’s an ideal space for creative tapas, grilled meat and fish, as well as menus throughout the year. Despite its contemporary dishes, La Licorera doesn’t forget its traditions, the local produce here is always the highlight. 

Calçotada menu: Appetizer, calçots with calçot sauce, beans, artichokes, sausage, black sausage, lamb, as well as a drink, coffee and dessert. All for 39.50 euros.

  • Address: Crta. Tarragona, 6 – Valls
  • Reservations: 977 612 045

Masia Fontscaldes

Experience a truly authentic Calçotada at Masia Fontscaldes. This mountain restaurant is famous in the Costa Daurada and is located in a 17th-century Catalan farmhouse. They offer a traditional and hearty calçotada menu in a cosy atmosphere with several dining rooms, private rooms, outdoor garden spaces, a sports area and large parking.

Calçotada menu: a starter of endive salad and tomato bread, followed by calçots and unlimited calçot sauce and a selection of grilled meats, all finished off by homemade crema catalana and coffee. All drinks such as wine or cava are included. All for 39 euros + 10% VAT

  • Address: C. Josep Busquets, s/n Fontscaldes (Tarragona)
  • Reservations: 977 612 836

Calçotades in Tarragona and Reus

The Valls Calçot is a protected product which connects the nearby areas of Alt Camp, Baix Camp, Tarragonès and Baix Penedès

Masia Crusells 

If you are looking for a traditional calçotada in Reus, the first choice is Masia Típica Crusells. The Masia Crusells restaurant is famous for its Catalan cuisine, as well as paellas and grilled meats. It focuses on providing homemade quality dishes influenced by more than 50 years of tradition. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of the city with several dining rooms and ample parking.

Calçotada menu: Calçots with sauce, sausage with beans, and artichokes accompanied by lamb chops, pancetta and black sausage. For dessert a traditional crema catalana, menjar blanc or sponge cake.  Wine, water, brut cava and coffee are all included for 43 euros.

Mas Folch

During the calçot season, Mas Folch offers gourmet calçotades, while taking advantage of its symbolic location. Found between Reus and Tarragona, this restaurant is located in a modernist farmhouse surrounded by a stately garden and the typical landscape of Camp de Tarragona. Weather permitting, the calçots are eaten in the traditional way, standing up outside around a long table. Later, the rest of the dishes are served in the elegant indoor dining room.

Calçotada menu: Appetizers to share, calçots cooked at a nearby farm, local Alforja sausage with grilled beans and signature desserts. All for 48 euros per person with a drink included.

  • Address: Ctra. Reus-Constantí Km 5
  • Reservations: 977 260 131

Calçotades in the Terres de l’Ebre

Calçots next to the Ebre river

Lo Racó de Mig Camí

This emblematic restaurant in Tortosa is located in a stately farmhouse surrounded by nature overlooking  ‘Els Ports’. Lo Racó de Mig Camí is the ideal place to experience a traditional calçotada in the capital of Baix Ebre. From February to April, calçotadas are held at the weekend for groups and families. It is essential to reserve 24 hours in advance, as the calçots are picked from the garden every day, according to demand. The calçots are eaten in the traditional way, standing up outside. Later the second course is served in the dining room. There is also a play area and a large car park.

Calçotada menu: Calçots with sauce, toasted bread with tomato, goat’s cheese salad, grilled artichokes, sautéed beans, grilled meat followed by crema catalana for dessert. All for 35 euros, wine and water included.

  • Address: Ctra. de la Simpàtica, 101 – Tortosa
  • Reservations: 640 833 043

Temps de Terra

Located in the beautiful area of Amposta, Temps de Terra offers the most popular and generous calçotada in the Terres de l’Ebre. The restaurant is surrounded by agriculture and livestock alongside the river, perfectly combining gastronomy, activities and nature.  It’s the perfect option to enjoy a gastronomic day in the heart of the Ebro in a natural environment.

Calçotada menu: Salad for starter, calçots and sauce, grilled meat with accompaniments, dessert and coffee, as well as bread and wine. In addition, you can go back for seconds on everything that is served.

  • Address: La Vall de Cabiscol – Partida de l’Ametller s/n – Amposta
  • Info and orders: 977 09 08 94

El Molí de Xim

The Molí de Xim offers traditional dishes from the Ribera d’Ebre area and is the best choice for a restaurant calçotada in the stunning surroundings of Miravet. They use local homemade produce and serve a menu with grilled meat, fish and vegetable options. They have several seasonal tasting menus, as well as a menu with the most representative recipes of the territory. The location is within an idyllic mill in the old town of Miravet, one of the most emblematic towns in Southern Catalonia, located between the mountains and the Ebre River.

Calçotada menu: House appetizer, 20 calçots with romesco sauce served in the traditional way, meat tasting plate: lamb, black sausage, sausage; artichoke and dried beans, Ribera d’Ebre orange and crema catalana for dessert all for 32 euros with house wines and water included.

  • Address: Verge de Gracia, 29 – Miravet
  • Reservations: 635 111 025

Calçotades Costa Daurada

Calçots for wherever you are

Calçots online

To finish, we recommend the Calçots Online platform that offers homemade and made-to-order calçots and calçotades. There are two ways to enjoy the authentic calçotada wherever you are. Firstly, home deliveries of uncooked calçots plus related calçotada products are available online with shipments all over the peninsula and Europe. Secondly, precooked calçots can be reserved and collected directly from Mas del Feix. View all products and place your order at calsotsonline.com.

Pack calçots: One of the best-selling products is the pack for 4 people which includes 60 freshly cooked calçots, sauces and bibs for 26 euros.

  • Pick up: Carretera C-14 – Partida Bellissens, 14 – Reus
  • Info and orders: 622 244 989


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