[PHOTOS] Easter in Salou during Coronavirus

The strict confinement of the capital of the Costa Daurada has provided us with some historical images of empty streets and deserted beaches at the traditional start of the season.

The quarantine imposed by the state has provided us with never before seen pictures of Easter in Salou. The public is aware of the need for strict and responsible confinement to save lives and to allow the summer to return with some normality. As far as we can remember, the Easter holidays signalled the start of the tourist season, which this year has been completely affected by the global shutdown caused by covid-19.

The Covid-19 crisis in Salou

From the beginning of the confinement, the vast majority of shops, bars, terraces and restaurants in the town have been closed. The Shopping Salou Association has compiled a list of local shops and services that continue to operate this Easter and during confinement. Including those open for delivery and online order.

Salou has launched a networking campaign to capture this unprecedented Easter. The public are encouraged to share their views from the balcony of the Salou bordered by #SalouFromHome. 


The local police of Salou are thankful to the large majority of the citizens. In the last week, only sixty sanctions have been filed for disrespecting confinement. In addition, the Catalan police have been conducting checks at the entrances to the city to avoid irresponsible visits.

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Finally, it is amazing to see the large Levant beach closed and completely deserted, despite the pleasant temperatures. At the same time as the mythical Fountain of Light continues to sprout despite the stillness. Unthinkable images only a few weeks ago that indicate the magnitude of the crisis that we hope to overcome soon.

Shopping Salou, associació de comerciants de Salou
Pallol Shopping Center Reus

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