[PHOTOS] Easter in Reus during coronavirus

Extraordinary circumstances without the traditional Easter processions and with the squares, terraces and streets of the city completely empty

Covid-19 crisis in Reus

Spring of this year, we are spending time indoors, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. A fact that leaves us with unusual images of the capital of Baix Camp on such emblematic dates. The streets and squares of the centre without movement; and the shops, terraces and restaurants, closed until further notice. As well as all the religious celebrations that surround the traditional Easter of Reus, suspended until next year.

The Centre of Reus without life

These photographs of Easter in Reus during the coronavirus are historic. They show the seriousness of the situation we are experiencing, caused by a global pandemic and with unpredictable consequences. For the first time since the Spanish Civil War, all Easter religious acts, such as traditional processions, have been cancelled.

The most silent Easter in Reus

Luckily, the Costa Daurada is one of the territories with the least number of cases and deaths of coronaviruses in Catalonia at the moment. As of today, the district has accumulated about 1,500 cases and 128 deaths in Tarragona province.



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