Top 10 best patatas bravas on Costa Daurada

We celebrate the end of lockdown going for a tapas with Tarraco Braves, an Instagram account that selects the best potatos bravas in Tarragona area

Sharing tapas is part of our extraordinary normality and ‘patatas bravas’ are essential in this ritual. We discover this amazing spacy fries ‘tapa’ around Costa Daurada, by courtesy of TARRACO BRAVES.

1. Paraiso Bar in Bonavista

This bar is a tapas institution in the Tarragona area, an establishment rooted and with history, much appreciated by the local public and which can boast of having the best bravas on the Costa Daurada according to experts of Tarraco Braves.

Description: Large size, potato with double frying, on the inside they dissolve in the mouth and on the outside are crunchy. Creamy and soft souce with curry, cumin, a touch of garlic and black pepper. Not spicy.

2. Merceria 34 in Tarragona

The second place on the podium is for La Merceria 34, a new place in the Part Alta of Tarragona specialize day menu and quality tapas. Description: Medium size, pre-cooked and then fried before serving, result: very crunchy. Two sauces: one very soft with mayonnaise foam and the other with very tasty and spicy tomato stir-fry.

3. Més que Tapes in Reus

Popular restaurant ideal for gourmet tapas and dishes to share, where the best ‘wild potatoes’ in the capital of Baix Camp are made according to experts. The passion for cooking and the quality local products make the difference in this place.

Description: Medium size, cooked over low heat twice and then fried, stand out for its contrast of taste between sweet and salty. Pink sauce with very creamy romesco, with a touch of citrus and accompanied by paprika and chives. Not spicy.

4. La Jarana in Tarragona

La Jarana, located at Rambla Vella in Tarragona, is synonymous of good vibes. Ideal bar for wines, cheese tables and their well-known sandwiches, as well as the potato bravas in flames that we fall in love.

Description: Medium size, crispy, sour potato, first cooked in heat and then frozen. Before serving, cut and fry at 120 degrees. Two sauces: one with ajonesa and the other with tomato stir-fry with more than 12 different spices. One of them, the chilli, which gives it a very spicy touch along with a final flame.

5. Colmado Nasi in Tarragona

Cozy tapas restaurant located on Platja de la Mora, north of Tarragona. Ideal place to drink vermouth or eat tapas. Description: Medium size, potatoes simmered and fried with their own sauce before serving. Two sauces: a very tasty tomato stir-fry and the other a very mild allioli. They also have cumin and are a bit spicy.

6. Museu del Vermut in Reus

Located in a modernist building in the historical center of Reus, this restaurant is an institution and a must for all those who visit Reus. They offer all the local vermouths, a daily menu and local tapas. Description: Medium size, perfect fry that they dissolve in the mouth. The sauce is dominated by the taste of romesco, contains garlic, nuts and powdered paprika, they are quite spicy.


7. El Barrilero in Torredembarra

Family bar in the center of town with good tradition and competitive prices. Ideal for tapas, menu and breakfasts. Description: Small size , tehey are homemade and disintegrate in the mouth. Allioli and a touch of spicy tabasco souce.

8. Twins in Tarragona

Brewery located in the egg yolk of Tarragona and run by twins. Specializing in craft beers, including some house brands. The braves are very good and also different from the rest. Description: Large size, chip style and super crispy. Tomato sauce and mayonnaise with secret house ingredients – remember curry but it’s not! – and they have a spicy touch.

9. El Taller in Tarragona

A fusion of Mediterranean and nikei cuisine at Serrallo in Tarragona. The dishes have their own personality and are delicious, highlighting the cevitche, octopus or rice.

Description: Large size, potato yarrow, is about 5/6 layers high, and they make them look like lasagna, then cut them into cubes and fry them before serving, their preparation requires more than 24 hours . Two sauces, one that simulates the salsa brava and is made with holocain – a typical Peruvian product – and the other a mild allioli. Above is adorned with a Japanese spice and chives, they are spicy.

10. Portal 22 de Valls

One of the trendy places in the Costa Daurada mountains. Renovated old house that maintains a farm vibes that contrasts with modern touches, different dining rooms and a large roof terrace. Local products and a touch of innovation.

Description: Medium size, hot type with final frying, at the cooking point and very good. Two sauces: one of allioli with spices and one of natural tomato, not very spicy.

In less than a year, Tarraco Braves has already tasted and cataloged more than half a hundred proposals from all over the Costa Daurada, especially in Tarragona city. Each week it presents new updates and ideas that invite us to discover our area while enjoying the most famous Catalan tapa.

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